To the Greater Power…

Who or whatever that may be for each and everyone of us…

Please continue to give me the strength to continue this battle

Continue to give me the strength to be open and honest about it

Continue to support me in supporting those who also struggle, to show and prove we are not alone in this and we can live with it and overcome it!

Please give us all the strength to face these struggles head on

Continue to give me strength to share and help realise it is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of

Continue to allow us to understand unhelpful and negative doubts and thoughts to be just that, and not overtake our lives nor overwhelm us

Continue to allow us to be open to help from others, to reach out and not be proud or embarrassed to ask for it

Continue to open our eyes to the fact that we are not broken, just going through a very difficult time

Continue to help us find a way to empty that noisy and overloaded mind of ours

Continue to give us the strength, ability, confidence, and daily will power to keep putting into practice what we learn and know works for us and is good for us

Continue to remind us we are warriors and not victims, that we are here for a reason, and that reason is to get past this and to learn and grow from it! Thus in doing so, allowing us to then understand others going through their hard times and be of support to them!

Continue to support us in keeping the conversation about all this going

But most of all, please open our eyes, minds and most importantly hearts to acknowledge and appreciate the big things, little things and everything in between!💗



    💞💞love it

    Jodie Stromski | 5 months ago


      Maria | 5 months ago

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