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Ok so October was Mental Health Awareness Month, but I thought I would do this this month, as the awareness should be every day!
So I am asking if anyone would like to share their story and/or experiences with battling with Mental Health.
Whether it’s you or someone you know.
Getting stories out there is a way to show those going through it or their loved ones that they are not alone.
Of course this would be completely anonymous unless you SPECIFICALLY say you want your name to be published.
You can share any experience, whether it is battling with depression like me, or anxiety or bipolar etc. Any form of mental health issue.
If you would like me to publish your story please email me at or inbox me on the My Tenant Depression Facebook page and I will post it on the Blog.
Please know I will never speak about about who wrote what if I am somehow aware of who has sent their story in.
Also please know this Blog should feel like a safe place for you to express any feelings if you so desire with no judgement whatsoever. Remember we are all pretty much in the same boat.
And the aim of this Blog overall is to raise awareness.
So go on, don’t feel shy or embarrassed because battling with a Mental Health issue is absolutely nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about!
I know it takes guts and it is a scary thing to share but I can almost guarantee that once you have done it and gone ahead and been open about it, even if it is in an anonymous way, you will feel a huge sense of relief!
I, for one, am sending you a whole lot of encouragement!:)
I am forever asking myself, ‘how can I help others going through similar things as mine’ and I guess this could be one way…
YOU ARE NOT ALONE! And I will never tire of repeating that!
So join me in showing others they are not alone!

PS: Please do NOT be concerned with your writing skills! As you can see from my posts, my writing style is pretty much as if I were chatting to a friend! So go on, have a chat!;)


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