Little angels in disguise…

Little angels floating around looking for those who think they are not worthy.
That is how I feel about those who out of nowhere suddenly pop into our lives maybe after a long time, or not…, right when we are feeling down or going through a bout of sadness, confusion, low self esteem etc.

A special friend was my little angel a few days ago, who in just a few words and in a matter of minutes made the sun shine on a day where it was insisting on hiding behind non existent clouds!

That friend is today doubting themselves and wondering what their purpose is and having doubts about their battle with this stupid tenant! This is the problem with this tenant, it grabs you unaware and insists and convinces you that you are alone and not worthy of the love, support and friendship that comes your way!

My friend is also believing they are not deserving of the loving and supportive people in their life…

Believe me my friend, if you weren’t deserving of them, they would not be there!

To quote you my dear friend, and to remind you how you helped me find a little light that day…

‘I feel my light starts to shine because I finally accept myself for who I am, (crazy and passionate:). It is how I am able to quieten the voices who want me to be someone I’m not…’ you also said to me: ‘Share your smile, gift it to the world, because each human being is unique, original and essential!’

So today I dedicate this post to you especially and also to all those whose light has temporarily dimmed a little bit…

Stay true to yourselves! Breathe deeeeep inside of you and feel your heart beating and remember who you really are inside your core, not your mind! 

Give it a go! 

Be proud of being the perfectly imperfect you that you are!!!!!


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    Jodie Stromski | 6 months ago

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