Depressed vs being fragile

Just a very quick one today.

Again, I write from my own experiences…

I was once told by someone that I am fragile. I have also been told by someone else that I am not as strong as them…

And I get it, they have probably seen me cry more than once and also know about my breakdowns.

So my question to you is: is being depressed or even anxious a sign of being fragile and/or weak?

What are your thoughts?

Yes, when I am going through a bout my self esteem takes an enormous hit. So I feel less than anyone, I believe I am less than anyone else and feel unworthy.

Does that make us fragile or weak?

Do we still wake the next day although inside we’d rather sleep forever?

Do we still wonder what we can do to get rid of the internal heartbreaking pain we feel? 

Do we still research, read about, sometimes ask for help or reach out, etc in order to find something that will work for us, although we have no energy in our bodies? 

Do we still manage to somehow function somewhat, and get through the days at work, school, or looking after children, etc?

Yes, we hide it all behind a smile many times, but that is not a sign of weakness, is it?

I know what I think about all that, but I am very interested to see what your thoughts are…

Share your thoughts with honesty please. Don’t say what you think others may want to hear…

Share also what you think when you’re down or anxious even if it differs from what you think when you’re doing ok…

I guess I am doing a bit of research for future posts, so help me out! 😉




    I'd say just ignore these people who probably have no idea about what depression is. We can't please anyone... whatever you do, there will always people judging you... so... move on! Life is good and yes... we still reach out and do everything we can to overcome our bad days. Everything comes and goes, nothing is permanent. Bad days will come and go and good days will too. Life is a journey, not a destination (Love this quote, not sure who it belongs to but I've found it once in a coffee mug).

    candombera | 6 months ago

      Yes I've seen that quote before too and love it! Thank you! ❤️

      Maria | 6 months ago

    My view is that we are stronger than most. We struggle through each bout of depression, as you say researching constantly ( at least I do) always looking for that one thing that will fix us, but is just out of reach. It's an exhausting task. Many people who have never come across depression themselves or through a close friend or family member don't understand the many ways it can manifest itself or how dammed hard it is to deal with it on an ongoing basis. That to me takes true strength

    Janet | 6 months ago

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      Maria | 6 months ago

    In my line(s) of work, both full time and volunteer, I meet and work beside people from every fathomable demographic. While most of us have jobs we would consider "normal", I've met others who have served or, retired from the armed and emergency services. Some are managing depression. While in some cases their depression may be a direct result of their line of work, PTSD for example, for others, it's not so clear cut. The consistent theme though, is that these men and women have spent almost every working day, of their entire career, reconciling the fact that this job today, might kill me. In fact in some cases, there is tacit acceptance that it's part of the job description. Are they fragile and weak? If they are then what is hardened and resolved? You may want to ask the person who thought you weren't strong, that question in context given; Just to clarify their argument or, you could just ask them politely to go fuck themselves... I have preference for the latter; I'm just not that much of a talker...

    onemanscave | 6 months ago

      Point received loud and clear:) thanks!!! And yes I agree, with your question then what is hardened and resolved. Thanks for your comment and views!!!

      Maria | 6 months ago

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