Welcome, and thank you for popping by!:)

My name is Maria, and I am just an ordinary person, living an ordinary life, like anyone else; I am the lady at the supermarket, your work peer, a neighbour, a taxi driver, the person you walk past on the street. And I have a ‘tenant’ in me called ‘Depression’.

I feel very alone when my ‘tenant’ rears its ugly head which is illogical because I am surrounded by my beautiful family and friends!! But logic does not want to play when Depression is around… And it took me years to accept I would have to share my body with this ‘tenant’ for the rest of my life. Let me tell you, it’s no easy task!!!! My strategy now is to accept it and learn to control and monitor it.

So, what next Mr Depression…

I decided to share my ups and downs. Firstly and selfishly, because I feel better when I write down (or type) how I am feeling. And secondly, because I would love it if, through my experiences, somebody can find a positive out of it all.  Whether that somebody is going through a similar journey or knows of someone who is.

You will probably find some posts will be a bit dark and gloom, whereas others may have a bit of humour to them.


I am no Professional. This is a completely personal journey and I have no expertise in Mental Health, or any other type of Health.

I am no Counsellor, no Therapist, no Psychologist or Psychiatrist.

I am also no Professional Writer, so please, no expectations on my ‘style’ of writing!:)

Simply put, I am opening myself up completely, and want this to be as real as it gets: NO BS, and no typing what I ‘think’ others want to hear.

So here goes (sigh) …..

Much love,

Maria xxx